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In today’s digital era, photo editors are taking their content to the next level by using presets to give their images an extra professional touch. Presets are a great way to add a personal style to each photograph, but they can also be time consuming to create. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect pink preset for your next photography project.

From subtle pink tones to bright pops of color, we’ll explore the different ways pink presets can be used to enhance your images. We’ll discuss how to find the perfect preset and provide tips on how to make sure it looks right in every scenario. No matter what type of photo you’re working on, pink presets can help you achieve the look you desire. Read on to learn more about how you can use pink presets to add a unique and professional touch to your photography.

1. Bright & Airy Pink

Our “Bright & Airy Pink” preset brings out the best in your photos, no matter the type of subject. This preset offers a pinkish-orange tone that will make your photos look light and airy. It adds a hint of warmth to your photos and brings out the vibrant colors of whatever you’re shooting. It’s perfect for outdoor photography, especially in natural light, but can also be used indoors with artificial light. If you’re looking for a preset that will make your photos look sunny and cheerful, then the Bright & Airy Pink preset is perfect for you.

2. Soft & Dreamy Pink

The “Soft & Dreamy Pink” preset is a gentle and romantic filter that is perfect for creating a warm, intimate atmosphere. It softens the colors of your photos, giving them a gentle, faded hue. This preset is ideal for portraits and still lifes, as it brings out the beauty of the subjects without distracting the eye. The subtle pink tones bring out the beauty of skin tones and enhance the natural color palette of your photos. Create an ethereal atmosphere with the “Soft & Dreamy Pink” preset.

3. Light & Bright Pink

Light & Bright Pink is one of the most versatile presets in our collection. It gives a subtle, timeless look to any image, regardless of the subject or lighting conditions. This preset works best on light, airy shots with a lot of whites, pinks, and pale blues. When applied, Light & Bright Pink brings out the warm highlights, cool shadows, and deep textures for a truly unique and stunning look. This preset is perfect for achieving a clean, modern aesthetic that never goes out of style.

4. Moody & Moody Pink

Moody & Moody Pink is a set of two presets designed to give your photos a faded, film-like feel. The preset is designed to work with all kinds of photography, from landscapes to cityscapes, and even portraits. Moody Pink adds a hint of pink to the overall tone of the photo, while Moody utilizes cooler tones to give the feeling of a misty morning. The presets are perfect if you’re looking to give your photos a unique look and feel. With Moody & Moody Pink, you can create beautiful photos with a vintage aesthetic.

5. Vibrant & Rich Pink

The fifth preset in our pink collection is Vibrant & Rich Pink. This vibrant pink is a strong, energizing shade that has a slightly orange undertone, making it a perfect choice for a bold statement. Pair it with light pastel colors to create a sophisticated style, or use it to create a playful and energetic look. With its high saturation, Vibrant & Rich Pink is sure to bring vibrancy and excitement to your look.


In conclusion, pink presets are a great way to turn your Instagram page into a unique, visual masterpiece. Whether you choose to use subtle hues of pink or bold pink shades, you can be sure that your photos will stand out and capture the attention of your followers. With so many options to choose from, there’s a pink preset to suit every aesthetic preference. So go ahead and get creative with pink presets and show off your unique and beautiful Instagram page!

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